Holly Holly
What happened to this site?

Megan Megan
Where did all the martial arts go?

Jessica Jessica
It looks like this site is under construction.

Tyler Tyler
I’m really looking forward for that.

Betty Betty
No you’re not, and neither am I. Lets just go.


This site was initially dedicated to teaching and promoting the martial art of Mei Hua Zhuang. It went to great lengths to outline the origin and history of the martial art as well as its training and the core principles involved. But sadly, the original owners abandoned it, the site was left to expire, and sat in the dustbin of history for years. But when I (the new owner) found it, I saw the usefulness the site formerly had, and I tried to recover some of it. I didn’t really succeed though. Quite a lot was lost, and I’ve run low on free time lately, so the recovery isn’t proceeding as quickly as I had hoped.